Great artists don't have customers, they have fanatics

Why should your business be any different?

IMAGINE your customers only purchased something from you once, never to be heard from again. I doubt you or anyone else would consider that a success.

Do you know where your current customers are coming from, if they're coming back and how to make sure that they continue to do so? How can you reach them if you're not on the air?


What if we could make sure they came back to buy from you season after season, all while telling more and more friends about you as if you were one of their own?

Meet Dave...

Dave is your brand's next fanatic waiting to buy up your product season after season, he just doesn't know it yet. Let us get out there for you, shake hands with the man and start giving him The VIP Tour and a backstage pass.


We'll show Dave all around the company by creating original content on your blog, talking to Dave through your brand page on Facebook and Twitter account. We'll increase your website traffic, we'll send him your best updates through newsletters. Depending on the project, there could be a dozen other methods to reach out to your audience.

It won't be long before Dave will start to not only expect, but enjoy his time together with you. He's now among the first to receive updates about a new catalogue, a special offering or your group Christmas card with a photo of Sparky the office dog.

By now, our new pal is not only a repeat buyer, he's damned happy about it. No trick to that, you've been good to Dave. He deserves it, and hey, so do you.

Now, you have a FANATIC.

If this were the golden era of platinum records and radio broadcasts, we'd be the guys making sure you get heard on all the stations that matter during the times when folks want to turn it up and dance.

1. Product Promotion

Coming in hot! You have a fresh lil' something to sell and it's a big world out there. Where to start? 


A successful business must start building its subscriber lists, writing the newsletters, growing their social communities, building and timing online promotions and incentivize recurring purchases. So on!  Like instruments in a band, they all sound pretty sweet on their own, but it's not truly a great performance until they're all playing a packed house, together.

This is where we take over and let you focus on what you do: Building a beautiful product.

Hand us the goods and we’ll get it to the people. We spend a heck of a lot of time buried in stats studying, The When!, The Where! and some other important The! items.

Don’t throw your hard work out of the tour bus window and hope it hits a fan on the head. We've been learning Dave’s habits. When is he online? When is he shopping? Where is he learning about his next purchase? How well has our dear friend been responding to the newsletters, social campaigns, website calls to action?

You have the product, we have the process for promotion.


2. Community Messaging

When we get to working with each other, we’re going to see your audience grow, and grow. Traffic, newsletter subscriptions and social communities.

As it builds there’s going to be an increasing need for consistent communication and a demand for more attention. We’ll be set up and ready to make sure any customer service questions, general comments and high-fives are answered and accounted for. If you have an employee or customer service team trained and tuned for the job — perfect, we love partnering up, learning, as well as offering advice along the way.


We will make sure to plug-in reminders for specific questions from your new fanatics about products. Maybe our boy Dave wants to know about a certain colour for a pair of shoes or snowboard goggles that won’t be available for five more months. No problem, we’ll toss a reminder into our system and when that season’s stock arrives Dave will be the first to know with a personalized message. 

Sound good? Dave thinks it's pretty cool.

If this is already sounding like exactly what you need, let's start talkin'!


However, I'd recommend you keep reading on. It's just going to get better and have you even more excited by the end...


3. Targeted Advertising

Now that you’re working with some great product promotions, content and running contests to seed your product around to some of your newest brand fanatics, we need to amplify your sound.

Paid advertising isn't your cure-all, but we'll be damned if it isn't a great method to spread the reach of everything we've been building with you. Not only will we be able reach larger numbers, they’ll be targeted and tailored to your brand demographics, keywords and interests. What’s more? We do everything we can to extend the reach of these ad buys for you. 

If we spend a dime to get Dave to your page, you bet we’re going to incentivize receiving a primary point of contact from him. The next time we want to reach our new found friend, we won’t have to pay to reach him, we can email him through a newsletter, reach him by Facebook post, tweet and all that goodness. Now our pal is a part of our ongoing communications stream.

When we purchase search, Facebook, promotional or retargeting ads, we attach them to our analytics package.

4. Analytics: Protractors, graphs, statistics, science!


All this work isn’t just to get the news of your product launches and other messaging out there, rinse and repeat at random. As our relationship with Dave grows, we’ll learn more about him, and what type of communication best suits him.

  • The most likely times he’s online
  • Where Dave lives
  • What products certain promotions help sell
  • What messaging is being shared
  • Which advertisements resonate the most with him
  • Where he spends his time
  • What content (newsletters, Facebook posts, Tweets, blog posts) gets read the most, which sells the most

To measure these stats (and many, many more), we use a handful of some handy analytical tools which we then study, compare and combine to create monthly reports for the team to go over. Every month we can make moves on our content plan, and progress it with the findings.

With all of the gathered intel, we will be able to create smarter, better content for Dave and every other new FANATIC you have earned.

* * *

"This sounds exactly like what I need. What do we do now?" You wonder.

Your next step is to get in touch with us by clicking that big button below. Let us know a little bit about your company and we'll respond to you, letting you know exactly how we can help.